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Plant Parts For Beginners!

After you watch the videos below, find a plant (it can be a tree) while on a walk or in your house and look closely to identify what parts you see. Are there flowers? What creatures need flowers? Are there fruits? What creatures use fruits? Can animals or insects use parts of this plant/tree for building a nest/nesting? Can you find a bird’s nest? Does it have seeds, how do the seeds travel?

Take a picture of your plant or sketch it, and label the parts! You can collect different kinds of plants and compare the seeds, flowers, stems, and leaves. You may want to start a field journal to record your observations! You can use any notebook or scrap paper for your field journal. You can journal every season, anywhere you go, closely observing how insects and animals are using plant parts for food, nesting or shelter! You can upload your creations using the Google Form below.

At-Home Activities

To Touch, or Not to Touch?

If you’re observing insects and plants, here are some tips on what’s safe to touch!

Find and Press Flowers Activity

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Why So Many Acorns? And Other Fruit Tree Mysteries

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