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Explore Nature in the City!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Urban ecology includes all the nature we see and the city life (buildings, cars, people). Walk around your neighborhood block -- what types of “green spaces” do you see? Take note of street trees, stoop and container gardens, small yards, public parks, and community gardens. What kind of city life do you see (buildings, cars, people)? You can draw a map and take notes and pictures to document your findings.

  • Where did you observe the most animals and insects?

  • Where did you see the most plants?

  • Which of these places has the largest area of green space?

  • Which has the most people?

Now draw your own neighborhood ecosystem as you’d like to see it! Include green spaces, trees, and gardens as well as city life. Draw in the plants you’d like to see growing and the animals you’d like to see living there. Watch the video below to learn more about urban ecology.

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