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What is a Habitat?

What do you need to live in the city? Shelter? Food? Water? Room to exercise? Healthy air to breathe? These are all things that make good habitat for humans, but they are also things that make good habitat for insects and animals. Did you know that 75% of our food production depends on pollinators, like birds, bees and other insects? Without enough habitat for these pollinators, our food production could be in danger! With more urban farms and community gardens growing food for people that live in the city, it is especially important that we increase habitat to support food production in New York City!

Where do you find each of these things that make habitat (food, shelter, space, protection, clean air, fresh water) for insects and animals in the city? You can go on a neighborhood walk or draw it from memory. Does your schoolyard have any habitat? Draw and label the habitat you find! Include any animals or insects you saw or heard. How do you think we can create more habitat in the city? Watch the video below to learn more about habitat.

At-Home Activities

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