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Let's Draw Plants!

It’s not as hard as you think to draw a plant! Watch the video below, then choose a plant in your house to draw or go on a walk around your block to choose a plant (in a safe place). You can also look at a picture of a plant online and draw it. The more details you include the better.

Drawing plants is a great way to start your plant identification skills! If you want to keep adding to your drawings, you can start a field studies journal to draw the plants you observe. You can use any notebook or scrap paper for your field journal. You can journal every season, anywhere you go, closely observing as many different kinds of plants you can find! Remember to note the date and place where you are, it will help you try to identify your plant. You can then try to identify your plants by using a plant key or asking an expert!

At-Home Activities

Identify plants using Plantnet.

Upload an image of any plant you find. (Desktop or free app)

Seek by iNaturalist

A free app that helps you identify plants and animals! You can earn badges for species observations!

Find and press flowers!

We'd love to hear from you!

Share your creations and nature observations with us -- and let us know if you enjoyed this activity! Fill out this Google Form or email You can also tag @gowanuscanalconservancy on Instagram or @GowanusCConserv on Twitter with photos of your nature observations or work!

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