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Planting Seeds At Home!

Plants in the wild propagate themselves, meaning they make babies of themselves from a parent plant. How do plant seeds travel? They can travel by wind, floating on water, attaching to an animal, or an animal eats the seed and poops it out! Humans can also help plants propagate by planting seeds. You can grow your own plants from seed indoors!

Collect soil in a small container such as a yogurt cup or takeout container, poke a few small holes in the container, and use a lid as a water tray below. Fill the container with soil, leaving about a half inch space to the top of the lid. Water the soil so it is damp all the way through, but not soaking wet! Put 3-5 seeds on the soil in the cup, then cover with about ¼” soil. Place in the sunniest window in the house. Water the soil very delicately every few days when you notice it drying out. Record your plant’s growth! Every few days you can draw what you see or take a photo. How long did it take for seeds to sprout? Then what did you observe?

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